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Our services

Software developement

Our understanding of application development includes the exact definition of specific requirements, the translation of these requirements into design, development and implementation of the design items. Our colleagues have significant developing experience in modern programming languages and frameworks.

They are specialized in Java, Java EE, C++, .NET, PHP, Tibco BW, SQL, etc. We work both with agile and classic methods depending on the project’s needs.


Our consultants have a good command of business and IT knowledge in business support processes and systems. Our colleagues participated in several projects targeting the business planning of new system implementations or assessment and re-design of existing process environments.

We have experience in planning and introduction of new applications and platforms; in preparation of requirement-specification and feasibility studies or in other business analysis tasks.

Our consultants have deep knowledge of SAP, Tibco, Amdocs and Oracle products.

Outsourced Application Operations

Outsourced operations services enable continuous and smooth operation by a stable IT support to our clients. Our SLA-based activities result in a calculable, traceable and reliable service performance. We typically provide 2nd or 3rd level application support, but we are able to provide operations support for HW, OS and DB too.

We have several years experience in operations support of Amdocs, Huawei, Siebel, SAP, Oracle and SugarCRM systems.


We provide testing services for systems and applications developed by 3rd parties. This include functional, integration, E2E and end user testing.

We have experience both with common corporate testing tools (e.g. HP testing tools) and opensource test support applications as well.

In addition to the traditional manual testing execution we plan and develop automated testing scripts, too.

Who we are and what we do

The team of Telcotrend is present on the IT field since the late ’90s. The company was officially founded in 2004. At the beginning we participated in the developments of BSS (Business Support Systems) at large telecommunications companies. The name “Telcotrend” originates from that time. Today, our main focus is still the telecommunications domain, but in the last decade we have gained a lot of experiences in the financial- and utility sector. We have been growing along with our extending clientele, and our services have changed according to the actual customer needs and technology trends. More than 70 Telcotrend professionals are working in various IT consulting, development, testing and operations projects at several Hungarian and European companies.

Client requirements, available technology and possible solutions are changing extremely fast. Telcotrend always adapted to these changes, but our basic values remained the same:

- reliable partnership with local and global partners
- usage of stable and proven technology
- quick understanding of the customer needs
- working experience gained in complex projects

Our basic principle is that we commit only to projects, where we are confident that the outcome will be in high quality and the client will be satisfied with our services.

Telcotrend is one of the biggest regional application developer and integration partners of Hewlett Packard and Tibco.

  • Quality    
  • Reliability
  • Sustainability


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We have been present on the market for over 10 years with our modular telecommunication invoicing system called Telemax, which we have been continuously developing during the past years according to the demands of our clients.

Telemax’s functionality, based on a modular architecture, is as follows:
– Traffic data collection and its rating
– Discounting rule module
– Own product catalogue with easy and flexible configuration features
– Powerful billing engine
– Bill formatter
– Account handling, debt management
– Self-care functions
– User friendly report generator
– Thin-client UI
– Open interfaces to external systems

According to our recent measurements run on a midsize server, Telemax is able to process 380 million events of a monthly traffic within a day, meaning that a full billing cycle of a service provider can be executed very efficiently.
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Mobile applications, games

Part of the Telcotrend team develops games and mobile applications. Our mobile products can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store under our Cellular Bits brand name. In addition to the mobile games we provide business client applications for mobile devices too: these are made available by our clients to their systems

We develop for the traditional PC and console games world as well. Our specialties are 3D graphic engine implementations and their platform-specific tuning, and other various components of strategy and action games.

Our graphic designer plans and implements the user interfaces according to individual client needs.
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Reactor is an off-the-self generic real-time ordering cart and business rule engine solution.

It is built to serve different markets, adapting to the requirement and complexity of them both on the field of product offering structure and proposition control rules.

The baseline of Reactor is the built-in rule types, which can be instantiated through business configuration in any amount.

Built-in rule types are for example the product offering precondition of product offerings, or exclusion between product offerings.

The outstanding performance of Reactor is guaranteed also in extreme complex business environments. There is no difference in the response timer either in case of small users having only some simple product offerings and business rules or in case of large enterprises defining rule instances in million scale.

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